Bitcoin Cash

You can earn free BitcoinCash(BCH) on our website. To earn free BCH on this website you must have a bitcoincash wallet, which linked to your faucethub account. If you do not have BCH wallet, then you can get your free bitcoincash wallet on the coinbase exchange.

How to Earn Free BitcoinCash?

You can earn free Bitcoincash here, you just have to complete the verification, and paste your Wallet Address in the text box. After this you will have to complete the CAPTCHA verification, then your earnings will go straight to your faucethub account.

BCH Faucet List

With the help of our list, you will be able to earn maximum quantity of bitcoincash. This list is updated from time to time so that you can get full information about the new faucet website.

Website Coins Waiting Time Payment Method
cointalk 270 Every 5 min Faucethub
Bestbch 280 Every 5 min Faucethub
Bitman 260 Every 5 min Faucethub
Dutchy 260 Every min Faucethub
Vivocoin 235 Every 5 min Faucethub
Bcoinclub 231 Every 5 min Faucethub
ClaimBCH 230 Every 5 min Faucethub
Queen Faucet 235 Every 5 min Faucethub
Greenfaucet 230 Every 3 min Faucethub
multicoin 230 Every 5 min Faucethub
free4claim 215 Every 5 min Faucethub
coinbch 215 Every 5 min Faucethub
Bitcotask 200 Every 5 min Faucethub
CoinPou 200 Every 5 min Faucethub

What's the maximum amount you can claim here?

You can earn up to 400 bch per claim in every two minutes, and every day you can earn unlimited coins on this website. For this you have to promote your affiliate link, which will give you 15% referral commission.

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Recent Payouts

15gcycrF3t7JGkjTt79sBs7Po9cLVrMNha300 satoshi
1Hq371ddAKav5FBXc49bSFKmM6WXNFXjBw300 satoshi
15gcycrF3t7JGkjTt79sBs7Po9cLVrMNha300 satoshi
15gcycrF3t7JGkjTt79sBs7Po9cLVrMNha300 satoshi
1CRPos3QvSB9niikgwoHUCVvpBo9jkEhr9300 satoshi
1CRPos3QvSB9niikgwoHUCVvpBo9jkEhr9300 satoshi


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